Jon and Mark assign each-other homework with the goal of winning the Internet


On a low-quality-recording episode of the show - very much for the completionist - Mark and Jon discuss Christmas films, the Disney movie franchise, New York and not hitching your wagon to people’s stars.


  • Mark is to watch Elf
  • Jon is to bake some bread

About the podcast

Jon Hickman and Mark Steadman seek to better understand and shape the world around them. Each week they assign each-other a piece of homework designed to help their counterpart live a better life, or take one more step along the journey to fully winning at life and conquering the Internet.

They also procrastinate. Like, a lot.


Mark talks about the guy from that band from the 90s, and Jon recommends some enlightening podcasts. Links to things on the Internet Lonely Avenue - the Ben Folds and Nick Hornby concept album Clay Shirky - Here Comes Everybody Presentable podcast Google is getting a sense ...
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