Jon and Mark assign each-other homework with the goal of winning the Internet


Mark and Jon discuss mashups, advent calendars and CSS.


  • Mark is to complete Thimbleweed Park on the Nintendo Switch
  • Jon is to complete his CSS Grids advent calendar

About the podcast

Jon Hickman and Mark Steadman seek to better understand and shape the world around them. Each week they assign each-other a piece of homework designed to help their counterpart live a better life, or take one more step along the journey to fully winning at life and conquering the Internet.

They also procrastinate. Like, a lot.


Mark talks about the guy from that band from the 90s, and Jon recommends some enlightening podcasts. Links to things on the Internet Lonely Avenue - the Ben Folds and Nick Hornby concept album Clay Shirky - Here Comes Everybody Presentable podcast Google is getting a sense ...
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