Jon and Mark assign each-other homework with the goal of winning the Internet


"Hey banana". On tis week's episode, Jon challenges Mark over his poor time and power management, and pulls apart a long-lived podcasting universe.

Links to things on the Internet

Blade Runner: the Final Cut, on Blu-Ray

Unfriend Me - Scott Johnson and Justin Robert Young's real-talk podcast

The Morning Stream - Scott Johnson and Brian Ibbott's zoo radio show

What Trump Can Teach Us About Con Law - Roman Mars' Trump podcast

Current Geek - Where Scott Johnson and Tom Merritt talk about geek stuff

You Don't Look Like a Runner - Jon's running podcast

Beware of the Leopard - the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy podcast Mark produces

The Daily Tech News Show - Tom Merritt's news show, about tech, that is daily

Boop - Scott Johnson's video gaming podcast

Do by Friday - The podcast Jon and Mark keep talking about

Exploding Tire - Scott Johnson's Overwatch podcast (yes, we know "tyre" is spelt wrong)

The Instance - Scott Johnson's World of Warcraft podcast

Film Sack - The Frogpants film review show


Jon is going to watch Blade Runner: the Final Cut

Mark is going to watch "Game Board" from The IT Crowd